Daily 5 Weeks 1 and 2 Term 2

Read to self

Sustained reading for 15 minutes

Respond: One role of a reader

Learning Intention:

We can read texts of interest for pleasure, and think about what we are reading.

TASK: For 15 minutes, sit somewhere comfortable and quite so that you can focus on your reading.

After reading for this time, take some time to record a reflection in your workbook.

Your reflection can include:

  • What interetsed you
  • What you found surprising
  • A summary of what happened
  • A retell of events
  • A text- self connection.

Your reflection must include:

  • Title of book
  • Date you read

Word work

Grammar/Vocab/Figurative Language/ Spelling

Learning Intention:


Choose one of the persuasive writing pieces to read and identify the emotive language used to persuade the reader. Write a list of the emotive words used in the article, consider how you could use these to persuade the reader in your writing.

Work on Writing:

Learning Intention:

  • We are learning to use emotive language to persuade readers in our writing.


School should start at 7.30am and finish at 2pm

Write a persuasive piece about whether or not school should start at 7.30 and finish at 2pm. Your time is broken up into 5 minutes planning and 15 minutes writing. In your planning time brainstorm your ideas in a concept map format.

Text Response

Learning Intention: We are learning to form an opinion based on the ideas presented in a text.

TASK: You are to watch the BTN clip about balloons.

Finish the statements below in your books:

I used to think….

Now I think….

Write a short piece as to whether or not you agree that balloons should be banned and why.

Reciprocal Reading

Learning Intention: We can share a text with others, and then discuss the book to improve our understanding.


Sit with your Assigned Reading Group. Assign each person in your group a role: Predictor, clarifiyer, summariser and questioner. Choose where you are going to read up to (10 minutes). Before reading make predictions about what the section will be about. After reading discuss what questions you have, any clarification needed and summarise what you have read.

Remember these roles allow you to better understand the text.