Working at the Kennals

Good morning!

Congratulations Marcus for winning the Metro trains competition. I had a feeling that you might've won.

Well as mentioned I completed the Camino now I am onto seeing the rest of the world. I am currently in Tenerife where I am working at a place called 'K9 rescue centre'. This is a rescue centre for miss treated dogs and cats. My job is to walk and feed the animals and clean their kennels. It is a lot of fun.

Travelling to the end of the world

Good afternoon!

Well I am heading off to the 'end of the world'. This was a place the early Spanish people believed the world ended. It is also the final part of my pilgrimage. Thanks again for all the kind words and support.

  • Christian I am heading to Tenerife which is a small island in Spain to rest my feet.
  • Thanks to Mia, Carly, Mary, Anya, Rhys and Alex O for your recent comments.
  • Holly I am away for 12 weeks. Hope you are working hard.

Made it to Santiago😀

Well I am sitting in the Cathedral in Santiago waiting for the final pilgrims mass. It has been an amazing journey and something I hope all of you can experience when you get older.
Once again, thanks for all your questions and support. Sorry I haven't been able to answer them all on the blog. Getting wifi is hard. Maybe you can hold onto them for when I get back.
Enjoy the pictures. Buen Camino!

Day 23: about to start climbing again😀

Good afternoon!
Well I am in a small town at the bottom of the mountains. I am resting up before I have to start climbing them on my way to the finish line. It will be a nice change from walking between corn, wheat and sun flower fields. It might sound good but in the heat of the day there is nowhere to hide. Thanks to Will, Martin and Marcus for commenting. I have tried to answer your questions below:

  • Marcus I have about another 250km to go. The problem is they are up and down mountains. Good for the eyes 👀 not for the feet. The biggest towns have been Pamplona, Burgos and Leon. All have their unique features.
  • Martin I wanted to go on this trip because of the adventure, challenge and the history of it. A friend of mine is taking the photos and other pilgrims on the trip. It is a great place to meet like minded people.

Well I have put some more pictures in. Have a great weekend.

Day 21: arrived in Leon

Good morning from Leon!
Just arrived in the beautiful city of Leon. I only walked 18km today which was a little easier then normal days. Once again thanks for all the kind words. I will try and answer some of your questions:

  • April the most exciting part so far is seeing all the old towns and beautiful buildings. The history found in Australia is nothing compared to some of the places I am walking through.
  • Mrs Gridley the photo with the bowls around me is called a singing bowl meditation. Sounds is used to calm and heal. The walking is getting easier which is great and I pick at food along the way. I find it hard to eat in the heat.

Day 20: got over half way

Good afternoon from Spain,

Well you would be happy to know I am still walking. The tracks have gotten straighter, flatter and harder. It does hurt the feet. I am about to go into Leon and celebrate the festival of St James. Maybe some of you can research St James and take it as a Confirmation name? He is the Saint of pilgrims and I will see his final resting place at the end of the Camino.
Hope you are enjoying the first weeks back at school. Thanks to everyone that's messaged me along the way.

Day 17: one step at a time

Good morning from Finersteria! 

Well another 26km to walk today! I am starting to get into the swing of walking each day. The scenery Maya is different everyday. Some days I am walking through corn and wheat fields and other days I am walking through beautiful small towns. Alex the weather is cold in the mornings but very hot around lunch time. I try and get off the road around lunch time. 

Hope everyone is working hard! 

Day 12: early starts

Good afternoon!

Hope you all have enjoyed your holidays. I have just finished day 12 of the Camino. It was a very early start this morning so that I would beat the heat by lunch time. I got to walk with my head torch this morning because it was very dark and I didn’t want to loose the yellow arrows which will lead me to Emerald City or Santiago, both work😀.

Well enjoy your first day back! 

Day 9: short and sharp

It is getting harder and harder to get out of bed each morning knowing that I have to walk again.  I try and snap myself out of it each morning because I have about another 30 mornings like it left. The positive thing is that it is one step, km and day closer to Santiago. 

Enjoy the last few days of your holidays. 

​​The wifi is really bad. Will send through some more pictures over the next few stops.